Workshops and laboratories

3D-laboratory: Several 3D printers for plastic parts. Contact: Kari Mäenpää

Electric workshop: Workshop and tools for electronics. Contact: Jyrki Mattanen

Wood workshop: Workshop with wood working tools. Contact: Jyrki Mattanen

Biological laboratory: Workspace equipped with fume hood, cold storage and oven. Contact: Hanne Suokanerva

Optical laboratory: Dark room for optical calibration and validation measurements using an artificial light source. Contact: Tomi Karppinen.
Publication about the optical laboratory: Lakkala, K., Suokanerva, H., Karhu, J. M., Aarva, A., Poikonen, A., Karppinen, T., Ahponen, M., Hannula, H.-R., Kontu, A., and Kyrö, E.: Optical laboratory facilities at the Finnish Meteorological Institute – Arctic Research Centre, Geosci. Instrum. Method. Data Syst., 5, 315–320,, 2016.

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