International networks

CIMO Testbed, contact Timo Ryyppö

EUBREWNET European Brewer Network, contact Tomi Karppinen, Kaisa Lakkala, Anu Heikkilä

EUVDB, contact Kaisa Lakkala

FLUXNET, contact Mika Aurela, Tuomas Laurila, Annalea Lohila

GAW Global Atmosphere Watch, contact Jussi Paatero, Tuomas Laurila, Rigel Kivi

GCW Global Cryosphere Watch, contact Kari Luojus

GRUAN GCOS Reference Upper-Air Network, contact Rigel Kivi

ICOS Integrated Carbon Observation System, contact Mika Aurela

INTAROS Intergrated Arctic Observation System, contact Roberta Pirazzini

INTERACT International Network for Terrestrial Research and Monitoring in the Arctic, contact Leena Leppänen

ISMN International Soil Moisture Network, contact Kimmo Rautiainen

NDACC Network for Detection of Atmospheric Composition Change, contact Rigel Kivi

TCCON Total Carbon Column Observing Network, contact Rigel Kivi

UArctic University of the Arctic, contact Jouni Pulliainen, Mikko Strahlendorff

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