The Arctic Space Centre (FMI-ARC) main building ’Polaria’ in Tähtelä, Sodankylä, is a joint office for the Finnish Meteorological Institute and Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory.

When constructed, Polaria was the largest office building in Finland made of timber. On the facade of the building, timber is combined together with copper, glass and steel.

Polaria provides a lecture hall and several meeting rooms.

FMI-ARC has 4 guesthouses. In every guesthouse there are 2-3 rooms accommodating 1-2 people, a shared bathroom and a well-equipped kitchen. Bed sheets and towels are also provided. In total, there are 13 guestrooms providing 17 beds.

Several saunas are available for use. At the riverside there is a sauna with an outdoor hot tub and a hut with a fireplace. For transportation we have 4 cars, 5 snowmobiles and 2 ATVs.

In the Tähtelä area, there is a lunch place cafeteria Niesta, where it is possible to have breakfast and catering services by making an order in advance. On the Tähtelä premises, we have

  • a 3D-laboratory for printing plastic parts
  • different workshops for metal, wood and electronics
  • a biological laboratory equipped with fume hood, cold storage and oven
  • a dark room, where it is possible e.g. to do calibration and validation measurements using an artificial light source
  • a sounding station, where we send automatically and manually various types of soundings; PTU-sounding are made automatically, but e.g. ozone and other special soundings are conducted manually
  • a platform for several instruments to measure climate parameters
You can explore our different fields of measurement in our observation site: litdb.fmi.fi
Polaria main building: lecture hall and several meeting rooms
Accommodation up to 17 persons
Several saunas
Riverside hut with outdoor hot tub
Dark room
Soundig station
Vehicles: 4 cars, 5 snowmobiles, 2 ATVs
Several measurements fields