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Finnish ultraviolet international research center (FUVIRC) was established in 2002 at auspices of FMI Arctic Research Centre. This consists of two experimental sites, laboratories ans comprehensive UV-monitoring programs. First the boreal pine forest site was build. Site was build in forest site. Next year the peatland site was also ready. FUVIRC serves as a research platform for biological research of enhanced UV-radiation impacts, particularly the UV-B impact, on plants. FUVIRC platform brings together both the biological and the meteorological research. FMI-ARC is mainly responsible for the UV reserach and technology of the recearch fields.

Technical information

The fields consist of three kind of experimental squares: UV-B, UV-A and control squares. Through a system of fluorecence lamps, Cellulose-acetate (UV-B plots) and melinex (UV-A plots) filters and control electronics UV-B radiation is elevated 46% above the ambient level. This corresponds approximately 20% ozone depletion. The UV-A plots are controls for the UV-A levels in UV-B study plots. Third calss of plots represent ambient levels with 0-increase of UV. Every one minute, the control software calculates the ratio of the ambient radiation and radiation in UV-B squares and determines the new value for the driving current of the fluorecence tubes. In otherh words system is modulated by the incoming ambient radiation to achieve constant relative increase of 46%.
More precise technical information
Conference paper for UV meeting in Davos 18.-20.9.07

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